The air carries the scent of pine trees and sea
that waves rather nearby, only a five-minute stroll away.
The fire sparkles in an outdoor fireplace.
VWhile soothed by a light jazz, it is your destiny, right here and now, to experience true magic – a harmony,
brought to life by the synergy between a delicious meal, reasonable prices,
cosy environment, and presence of nature.

Restaurant “Pļavas” (“Meadows”), in a brief period of time, has become a popular destination beloved by gourmets,

giving a reason to visit Ainaži even from more distant places in Latvia.

Furthermore, this is definitely a place where you can enjoy a romantic dinner,

and go for a night-time dip in the sea...

and later proceed to a room in the tasteful Hotel “Pļavas”.

Bicycle rentals
8€ per day

Valdemāra iela 121
Ainaži, Salacgrīvas novads

T. +371 27 555 755